Capacity Building and Networking Project to Support the
UK–Turkey Partnership in Agri-Tech Sector Co-financed by 2016-2017 Prosperity Fund, British Embassy in Turkey and Boğaziçi University

Project Purpose: To strengthen the capacity in the Turkish Agritech sector by increasing the collaboration between industry and academia; by integrating Technology Transfer Offices, technoparks and innovation centres in knowledge dissemination activities; by benchmarking UK Agri-tech sector through developing multilevel partnerships.

Background: The UK is one of the leaders in agricultural science. Turkish agricultural sector bears great potential with large land use and volume. Nevertheless, the sector is not supported by agricultural technologies. The agri-tech sector is relatively new and fragmented with a small number of private companies and university centres. In our project, we expect to increase the agritech know-how in Turkey and form a network of researchers, innovation professionals and entrepreneurs among Turkish and British counterparts.

This network will contribute to the academic cooperation and commercial opportunities between the UK and Turkey.

1. Assessment of the agri-tech sector in the UK and Turkey Developing knowledge about the agri-tech sector in the UK and Turkey with a special emphasis to networking and cooperation practices.

2. Joint meetings in London and in Istanbul Identifying the areas of the Turkish agri-tech sector for which knowledge and experience will be transferred from the UK and design of the knowledge transfer from UK stakeholders targeting the capacity building of Turkish institutions.

3. Create a knowledge base for cooperation Establishing a web-based platform that enables knowledge dissemination, community building and networking

4. Agricultural knowledge dissemination and knowledge transfer seminars Capacity building and advancing knowledge transfer on networking and cooperation among TTOs, technoparks, SMEs, research centres. Transfer of the UK expertise and best practice.

5. Policy and strategy building, dissemination and awareness raising Awareness raising in wider public about agri-tech and UKTurkey cooperation to communicate the strategic roadmap.